One of the great things about being a butterfly biologist is getting to do fieldwork. We have conducted fieldwork in Ghana, South Africa and Kenya, in collaboration with Butterfly Conservation Ghana, the Afrotropical Butterfly Research Insititute and the Lepidopterists' Society of Africa.
Catching a butterfly in Mphaphuli, South Africa

Once you have a butterfly in your net, your need to transfer it to an envelope with your fingers

The day's catch in South Africa
Butterflies are kept in cages until they can be transported back to our insectary

Refreshment for butterflies and biologists
We have to hand-feed all butterflies with diluted honey

What's that in the road?!
Sometimes butterfly biologists meet rather larger animals

Torben Larsen catching moths
If moths are more your thing, you can catch them with a light trap. This is a lamp and a sheet in Ghana